• Sharp Concrete Corp Years of Experience
    With over 22 years of concrete experience,
    Sharp Concrete is dedicated to providing
    our customers with professional quality concrete
    work done quickly and efficiently.
    Give us a call today and speak with one of our
    friendly operators. We would love the chance
    to earn your business today and become your
    primary concrete service company.
    Call Us: (973) 344-1611
  • Innovative Technology
    Sharp Concrete practices the latest in
    innovative technology by combining AutoCAD
    detailing with Total Station
    Surveying Equipment. By doing this,
    we achieve the highest level of performance
    and the most precise lay-out control
    possible. We'd love the chance to earn
    your business today and become your
    primary concrete service company.
    Call Us: (973) 344-1611
  • Concrete is the Foundation
    Concrete is quite literally the foundation of
    many of today's construction projects.
    It's also widely used for exterior surfaces -
    driveways, sidewalks, patios, stoops,
    steps, etc. No wonder: concrete is strong,
    durable, relatively inexpensive and can
    be formed into many shapes and sizes.
    Call us Sharp Concrete, we'll help you develop
    your project quickly and efficiently.
    Call Us: (973) 344-1611
  • Fully Licensed and Insured
    Sharp Concrete is fully licensed and fully
    insured. We understand the complexities
    that our customers face when getting ready
    to perform a cement project. Trust us to
    communicate to you a clear scope of work,
    a fair price, and a plan to execute your
    concrete project at a time that is convenient to you.
    When it comes to concrete jobs,
    Sharp Concrete, can't be beat.
    Call Us: (973) 344-1611

About Sharp Concrete Corp

At SHARP CONCRETE CORP., we have a dedication to customer service, a passion for creativity and innovative design.

We provide you with a combined 30 years of experience focusing on people. Sharp Concrete is a leader in reliability and quality in construction work. Specializing in one trade was never in our blood. All the field personnel have mastered equipment operating, excavating, forming and pouring of walls, footings slabs, and all types of masonry.

Please note: We have specialized personnel certified in forklifts, scaffolding erection and excavation.

Capabilities: Our firm is capable of performing work of all sizes and Bonding Capabilities.

Sharp Concrete is Fully Licensed, Insured and Bondable.

Latest News

March, 2012

New Website

Sharp Concrete launches a new website to make your visit more pleasant.

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We are dedicated to provide our clients with construction services that incorporates the highest degree of reliability and experience.


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